Dating a Tech Girl

For the inaugural Tech Girl Talk blog, I wanted to tackle a topic all girls can relate to: dating. I’ll admit that being a tech girl my interests and perspective may not matchup with yours, but the principles work the same.

I’ve recently turned to online dating hoping to find some normal (Who am I kidding?!), I mean at least somewhat normal guys who still know what it means to ask a girl on a date. Surprisingly, it’s been a successful experiment. Two pretty normal guys in the past three weeks. Better results than when I was an undergrad and grad student surrounded by a slew of attractive men. That’s a whole other blog post topic.

First date caught me off guard. Wasn’t expecting much but as the evening progressed, I found myself being attracted to this guy. Smart. Successful. Funny. Blue eyes and a smile that made my heart flutter. He was complimentary and flirty. Went for a drive and cuddled and stuff together under the stars. Began thinking “Wow! How did I find this guy?!” You all know how this story ends right? He drops you off and says he is going to call. He doesn’t. You get a couple of lame texts and then realize “He’s just not that into you.” Seriously?!

Guys, if you say you are going to call. Do it. Saying nothing makes you look more like a jerk. You don’t want to be that guy.

Girls, don’t stalk him with incessant text messages. Better to maintain dignity then looking like the weeping, wailing girls on the Bachelor.

Next up: date number two.